• ALFA TEC Cubes have the necessary nutrients for optimum equine performance!

  • ALFA TEC Pellets provide your cattle with healthy nutrients to be at their best.

  • ALFA TEC Cubes also provide a healthy, balanced diet for top equine performance!

  • ALFA TEC Cubes are an equine’s first choice even over fresh grass!

  • ALFA TEC Cubes are loved by equines of all sizes!

  • ALFA TEC Cubes are an excellent choice for other animals too!

Quality for your Animals and Convenience for you.

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Looking for a premium forage replacement for your horse?

Tired of inconsistent hay quality for your animals?

Looking for a higher protein supplement for your livestock?

ALFA TEC hay cubes and alfalfa pellets are made from premium all natural alfalfa and timothy products that offer a variety of animals:

  • A Non-GMO Feed
  • Natural Nutrients
  • Consistent Premium Quality
  • A Feed that's Low in Sugar and Starch

Not only are hay cubes and alfalfa pellets nutritious and easy to handle, they are economical, available year round and are dust and mold free.

Distributors in Canada are located in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Yukon.

Please contact us for more feeding and distributor information.


If you are outside these regions please contact us for more information.