Alfalfa FAQ


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Arenít cubes more expensive than hay?

Calculate on a cost per day, you'll be surprised! Waste can be up to 20% or more with hay as horses tend to drop it on the ground and trod on it. In addition to less waste, you'll find there is reduced manure, reduced feed storage and this results in reduced labor costs.

Can younger horses eat cubes?

Cubes can be fed to all ages & types of horses. Mothers teach young horses how to eat cubes and thereís a more efficient growth rate from high quality feed.

Don't cubes need to be soaked before feeding?

Cubes contain 10-12% moistureólike hay. As with any feed, it's always important to have a good source of fresh water. Cubes can always be soaked for 'gulpers' or for horses with no teeth.

Do Cubes swell in the horseís stomach?

Cubes are compressed, saliva is sufficient enough to break down the cubes.

Donít cubes provide less eating time than hay?

Cubes are manufactured to specific hardness, size & shape to facilitate maximum chewing time. Horses adjust to being fed cubes and, if cubes are fed regularly, they will eat them just like hay.

Can pellets be fed to horses?

Pellets are a great supplement with hay. Itís important to remember that pellets ARE NOT a hay replacement. Pellets are concentrated, therefore feed according to recommended ration amounts.

Wonít horses choke on cubes?

Alfa Tec products are smaller in sizeó7/8" cube. Saliva breaks cubes down during chewing, so horses will chew the cubes and not swallow them whole. 'Gulpers' will choke on any feed products so itís less a 'feed' issue and more of a 'management' issue.