Legal Alfalfa Testimonials


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We have received many unsolicited testimonials for Alfa Tec cubes and pellets that we would like to share with you. Here are a few:

Beef Cattle
Dairy Cattle
Sheep and Goats

Iím a single mom and own a small boarding facility with 20 horses. Feeding Alfa Tec cubes has taken an enormous amount of time off of doing my chores. I am extremely pleased with how easy, economical and simple my roughage feeding program has become. No more fighting with strings, no hay everywhere no more waste and way less manure.

To not have to worry about each load being different in weights, quality and nutrition is wonderful! Even my 35 year old mare is having no problems chewing the cubes. She is doing so great on the cubes that I have begun riding her again every day. Thank you Alfa Tec for making such a great product. You Rock!!!!

Jme Andrew
Given R Farm
Kelowna, BC

"The condition of the horses that have been on ALFA TEC hay cubes is extremely outstanding. I definitely believe it has added to our success."

Mandy McDonald
Owner Ė "Fillyís Gone Wild"

"We have fed ALFATEC cubes to our horses and to our client horses for about 5 years now. We have found the cubes provide us with a mold free consistent quality product that can be easily measured to ensure our staff can provide proper nutrition to the horses on a daily basis. The horses quickly adapt to the cubes even if they have not had them before. We have found cubes to be a very useful product."

Dave Bell D.V.M.
Bell Vet Services
Wetaskiwin, Alberta

"Feeding ALFATEC alfalfa cubes is the most economical choice for my horse operation. Cubes cost less compared to other feeds. Ever since I started feeding cubes I no longer have to buy more feed than needed to compensate for feed loss due to wastage or mold. I like the fact that cubes are consistent in nutrient quality. My stallions no longer lose weight during the breeding season."

Garry Westergaard
G.W. Equine Services

"When we brought our 4 year old home from training, he seemed to be light and hard to keep weight on. We started him on ALFATEC pellets and he is looking awesome! Thanks again, we will be using your products on more of our horses."

Brenda Gagnon
District Director
Alberta Barrel Racing Association

"We are very happy with the ALFATEC Cubes. Ben of Busy Bee Delivery has been supplying us with the cubes and we are very surprised and excited about their convenience and portability (much easier to shovel some into a wheelbarrow to feed in the barn). This is a product that the horses thrive on, and is a very efficient and clean way of feeding."

Janice Kay Lea, owner
Wilderness Village Trail Rides
14 km west out of Rocky Mountain House
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

"The quality of the ALFATEC cubes definitely gave my horse the edge. The nutritional standards and consistency in their products are a huge help getting the show conditioning necessary to win and keep winning."

Laurie Knox
Knox Appaloosas
Sherwood Park, Alberta

"We have high praise for the ALFATEC alfalfa pellets! This is the second year we have been using them to supplement our hay. The horses patiently stand by each post as that is where they are fed and lock up like they are glued to the ground until each piece is gone. We have noticed an increase in condition of our horses while feeding these pellets, and won't be without them. Another bonus is that the horses do not get "hot" like we have seen with other pelleted products. Tennessee Walking Horses love them!"

Randy Johnson
Jus' Fine Tennessee Walking Horses

"Our cow herd here at Rafter P4 Ranches Ltd. are put on a Dehy pellet ration from post weaning till post calving time. The cows come through winter in super condition without any additional grain in their diet. The alfalfa pellets provide ease of feeding, consistent quality and, above all, minimal wastes which you can't get feeding hay."

John De Boer Operations Manager
Rafter P4 Ranches Ltd.
Two Hills, Alberta

"By including the Dehy in our Total Mixed Ration, our cows receive all of their requirements for great milk production. They are healthy and are producing well. We think the Dehy is making the difference."

Vermeer's Dairy
Marijn & Ans Vermeer
Gibbons, Alberta

"I use the pellets as a nutritional boost for my goats mainly in the cold of winter. The goats need the pellets to supplement the hay fed throughout the winter months. My pregnant and lactating does especially benefit."

Linda Brune
Alberta Goat Breeders Association
Legal, Alberta